The spokesman for France's bishops, Olivier Ribadeau-Dumas speaks to the press in Lourdes on March 17, 2016 on the case of the French Archbishop of Lyon Philippe Barbarin accused of covering up the sexual abuse of children by a priest.
French Archbishop Barbarin faced new calls on March 17 to step down after claims he promoted another cleric who had a previous conviction for sexually abusing adults. The scandal has been extremely embarrassing for the Church in France, which has worked to toughen its stance against priests who sexually abuse children.The Catholic Church worldwide continues to be dogged by cases of paedophile priests and past cover-ups, despite Pope Francis' promise of a crackdown.

CEF : le secrétaire s’exprime sur l’avortement

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Enfin, pourrait-on dire. Mgr Olivier Ribadeau-Dumas s’est exprimé sur Twitter, à propos de la polémique lancée par le ministre Laurence Rossignol visant à restreindre la liberté d’expression. Twitter c’est court, ce n’est pas le site de la CEF, ce n’est pas un communiqué de presse, mais c’est toujours mieux que rien du tout.