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La Cardinal Newman Society dénonce 12 nouveaux scandales dans les universités catholiques

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  1. paulo dit :

    HOLLENBACH: « Let me just add, that I think that to be Catholic is to be pro-life. But we have to ask the question of effectiveness. What really is pro-life? In the Clinton administration, the number of abortions went down. In the early years of the Bush administration, the number of abortions has been going up. The question is why? It’s because there are women in situations of desperation, with no economic resources, that are being pushed toward making choices that are tragic. And we need to find ways of making that less — that happen less frequently. We need to find ways, in other words, of being effectively pro-life, effectively enabling women to bring their children to term. »

    Avez-vous des références permettant d’affirmer, à la suite de la CNSociety, que le Rév. David Hollenbach est hétérodoxe? Merci

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