Un prêtre jésuite nommé évêque d’Oakland (Californie)

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  1. denyse dit :

    A very good move considering the Jesuit School of Theology was (still is?) the recruiting center and extremely wealthy nest of many homosexual seminarians — [recruited? in the San Francisco bars where Jesuite Seminarians were seen without disturbing their local hierarchy « happy to — then– ordain homosexuals » and proclaim it to all journalists — this a few years after the Oakland Bishop had explained to the local homosexual unhappy « catholics »: « How could they complain after all the US Bishops had done for them by helping — pushing– the Adult Consent law « ! (as published in The Wanderer in June 1998(?)] of all the Theology Schools of « Holy Hill » in Berkeley where they were regrouped for the Oakland Diocese — to the point the Carmelites around 1998, to protect their new recruits, had to separate themselves from that Center of Theology and relocate their seminary in Washington State near the religious university there (Berkeley happens to also have the nearby largest massonic powerful university — with a famous wealthy massonic lodge going up to rank 99= 3×33! –, a coincidence? We never believed it!
    The Oakland Bishop then — Msgr Cummins — was part of the unfamous book on homosexuality having invaded and perverted the whole US Catholic Church: « Good Bye Good Men! » by Rose — describing how homosexuality was deliberately pushing good (heterosexual) priests out of seminaries where they refused to indulge in vices!
    By the way some seminaries were saved whenever a team of seminarians self organized itself going around the seminarian reciting the Rosary each evening!
    Homosexuality in the US seminarians and Schools of Theology, the « worm in the apple »!

    All this « gay marriage » manifestations (I have an apartment in Paris I visit from time to time from Medjugorje where I have a pension for handicapped and low income pilgrims — to create « Lourdes in Medjugorje » as asked by Gospa!) have refreshed my memory to all the destruction homosexuality within the Church — preached as an acceptable « good » from the pulprit in the Oakland Diocese until I left it in 2004– (the Beast with the horns like a lamb  » of the Apocalypse) has done for the destruction of Catholicism in the US!
    Hence this coment you might not want to publish (it would have to be translated ) with information published mostly in the book by Rose.
    Mother Angelica — checking her priests for both her order and to invite — has done a great job holding the fort of pure traditional Catholicism by creating her now famous and extended EWTN Catholic television channel — a Miracle thanks to her ever praying sisters of the order she created in Alabama state — of whom you spoke recently, although leaving out the new order for priests whose seminaries have carefully been selected as teaching the WHOLE Catechism — as does EWTN — the reason it bears so many fruit, a pleasure to listen to it day and night with the replays!

    In Christo Per Mariam,

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