Divers Jeanne smits

Une interview de Professeur Josef Seifert, membre de l’Académie pontificale pour la vie, parue le 26 mai 2009 dans “Présent”

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  1. bo dit :

    I am writing on behalf of prof. Maurizio Mori, editor of
    Bioetica. Rivista interdisciplinare, to have the
    permission to publish in the next issue of Bioetica the
    following pieces appeared on your blog or edited by you.
    Here I attach as they will be published, together with
    other documents on the issue. Bioetica is an Italian
    academic no-profit journal devoted to promotion of
    bioethics in an interdisciplinary attitude. It has about
    400 subscribers and it is a trimestral.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping to have the
    requested permission, I send you my best regards.


  2. Jeanne Smits dit :

    Dear SeilaBer,

    You are welcome to use the two texts. I would be interested to read the issue of bioetica to which you refer. You can reach me at “jeanne point smits at present dot fr”.

    Best regards
    Jeanne Smits

  3. bo dit :

    Dear Jeanne,

    Thank you so much for her availability about the two texts. The “Bioetica. Rivista Interdisciplinare” Magazine will be printed in this month.
    Let me know your office address so we will be able to send the next number of the magazine.

    Best Regards