Rick Santorum ne veut pas de la Révolution française en Amérique !

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  1. Dr Jacques Bailly dit :

    Tout simplement génial !

    Le bon sens que la franc-maçonnerie tente par tous les moyens de faire périr !

  2. Michèle dit :

    En voilà un qui n’est pas aveuglé par les “Lumières”!

  3. Vincent Jappi dit :
    Ann Barnhardt:

    “A piece from the U.K. showing the DIRECT link between the bishops and the Alinskyite organizations that they massively fund, with several of them DIRECTLY connected to Obama:

    “This scathing piece titled “Excommunicate the Bishops” was published at

    “Here’s the Hotlink.

    “Just a taste of this love letter that is absolutely worth your time to read:

    ‘Back when there was a New Ledger, I wrote a now long-forgotten piece excoriating the Bishops in this country for complicity in its passage, for not speaking up, for not excommunicating the public officials who actively fight for the abortion license despite the infallible teachings of our Church — and by extension, for enabling a culture of license that enables the Culture of Death.

    ‘I stand by every word, and would like to add a few things. Let me start with the most basic one.

    ‘You can all [the bishops], each of you, and I say this after a week of prayerful meditation and with all of the respect I can give, go straight to the darkest pit in the lowest valley of the Ninth Layer of Hell and burn there.’

    “Outrage in the public square. It’s about damn time.

    “3. For those who would criticize or scold me or anyone else for verbally scourging the bishops…

    ‘When there is an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects.”
    ~ St. Thomas Aquinas, ‘Summa Theologica’, Second Part of the Second Part, q. 33, a. 4

    ‘It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.’
    ~ Pope St. Gregory the Great

    ‘When circumstances make it necessary, it is not prelates alone who have to watch over the integrity of the faith.’
    ~ Pope Leo XIII

    “You don’t like us calling out the bishops? Take it up with Tommy, Greg and Leo. This ‘sitting on your hands and waiting for these devilish jackasses to die’ strategy ain’t gonna cut it.

    “4. In the Nazi concentration camps, what do you suppose was the most common line of conversation amongst the Jews who were being marched into the ‘showers’ to be poisoned with Zyklon-B?

    ‘Just go along what they say, keep your head down and don’t make any trouble and we’ll get through this. It’ll be alright. Just stay quiet.’

    “Think about that until you understand.

    “5. I received a lot of feedback from Protestants who said that they sold out to the Federal Government and jumped on the Welfare-Medicare bandwagon for exactly the same reason – to lay off church expenditures on charitable care.
    “I had one Southern Baptist email and say that he had personally heard the justifications decades ago from Southern Baptist leadership that if the government would take care of the sick and the poor, that the Southern Baptists would have that much more money to send missionaries to the third world countries.
    “Huh. Trouble is, in selling out to the Marxists, the United States is very soon going to BE the pagan third world.

    “6. Don’t forget that the Obama regime’s objective in this, in addition to bringing the Church under its jackboot, is to force the Catholic Church, and eventually all Christian groups who own hospitals, to divest of those hospitals, which will then be acquired by the Obama regime or crony oligarchs of the regime.
    “They want everyone 100% dependent on the Federal Government for ALL HEALTHCARE. They want total, complete control of everyone’s lives from conception to death and all points in between. They literally will not stop until they can dictate who lives and who dies. Hence the term… TOTALITARIAN.

    “7. Some woman sent me an email requesting that I give a ‘shout-out’ to a ‘conservative’ chat forum she frequents and attached a link to a recent thread at said chat forum about me. The thread was basically a bunch of ‘men’, hiding behind anonymous internet handles, discussing who amongst them I would ‘do, which specific acts of sodomy I would enjoin, and the vigor with which I would do these things.

    “Needless to say, I replied in the negative. Forcefully. How utterly stupid and depraved would a person, much less a FEMALE, have to be after reading this website for ANY length of time to think for a NANOSECOND that I would actually be amused or flattered by that filth? Dude. The mind REELS.

    “This internet culture is an exceptionally dangerous thing. This hiding behind anonymity dynamic basically allows people to reduce other human beings to objects, or even worse, mere abstractions. I wonder if any of those “conservative” men would have the courage, if they saw me in a public place – say, at the bank, in a food shop, or even at church, to walk up to me, look me in the eye and tell me what a sweet **** I would be, and then inquire if I take it up the ***. It would be one hell of a creative way to commit suicide.

    “It truly makes a person despair. What am I doing? What am I fighting for? Is this society worth it? Do we even DESERVE to be free? I see stuff like that and all I can think is that a significant percentage of this population DESERVES to be caged like animals. We don’t DESERVE to be free.

    “But then I remember the First Sorrowful Mystery. I remember Christ in the Garden, being saddled with every sin committed by every person. How could He have been saddled with every sin, including the sins of those men in that chat forum, and still deemed us to be worth it and still go to the pillar and the Cross? Oh, yeah. Love.

    “I especially appreciate how Mel Gibson put satan in the Garden trying to tempt Christ by essentially saying, “They’re not worth it.”

    “So, keep sending your demons, satan, and I’ll just shake my head at you and your pathetic weakness. You know where you can find me. I’ll be in the Garden, with Jesus. We’re going to the Cross, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it.”